You can't harvest the fruit unless you grow the trees.


Physician Scientist Careers

Physician-Scientists are physicians (MDs or DOs with or without additional degrees, such as PhD, MPH, MS, MSPH, DrPH) who devote regular components of their professional effort to both seeking new knowledge about health, disease or delivery of patient care through research and providing patient care.  The pipeline for this workforce includes all MD and DO students (whether they are pursuing a combined advanced degree or not) and residents/fellows who discover an interest in combining research with their clinical career at any point in the training process. 


MDPhD Association Initiatives

The MD-PhD Association has several initiatives for the 2015-2016 year:

  • Increasing our interaction with Research Residency and Fellowship Directors
  • Enhanced communication about physician scientist careers and contributions
  • Optimizing leadership for longitudinal physician scientist training
  • Highlighting the accomplishments of MD-PhD students and the role of federal funding in scientific training and discovery

MDPhD Association Member Services

The MD-PhD Association is composed of MD-PhD and Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) Directors and Administrators.  The Association sponsors yearly meetings of our membership and helps to advocate for MD-PhD Training nationally.